Saturday, September 8, 2012

8-30-2012 LDHL

B presents a stock as an example of his approach to stock picking because (he claims) some of his listeners were bugging him about it.  Actually B is pumping LD Holdings, the penny stock that he and the BH Group are involved in.  He's saying he thinks it will go from a quarter to $9.  B doesn't mention that he's part of the marketing team, nor does he mention the company's assets and liabilites which are not too attractive.

Nor does he mention the high risk nature of investing in penny stocks due to stock manipulation and illiquidity.  Nor does he mention that it already spiked to the $1 range earlier this year after the BH Group started pumping it, only to fall back to the 20-30 cent range.  I would like to see B actually pick a stock for us that's listed on NASDAQ, AMEX, or the NYSE ... a stock that's harder to manipulate that will actually increase in value as a result of strong fundamentals and not hype.  I'm not holding my breath, though.

I have suspected all along that B's strategy was to present himself as a dinar authority in order to develop a following, and then pump other investments to those followers.  Well it seems that my suspicions are proving valid.  First it was lower denoms through The Treasury Vault (at a considerable markup) as a hedge against the lop (utter nonsense since all denominations are demonetized in a redenomination).  Then it was the ISX Report which displayed his company's name on the PayPal page when you order it.  Then it was REIC, the MLM real estate scheme.  And now this.

One wonders if B's followers will finally wake up when LDHL leaves the majority of them with a substantial loss?    Again, I'm not holding my breath.


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