Friday, June 29, 2012

Who is Breitling?

Tony "Breitling" Elder
In October of 2011 it was revealed that Tony Breitling is in fact Tony Elder from Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  He's a friend of Roger (Dinar Daddy) and Angela (Treasury Vault formerly the Currency Vault) Dorman and had them listed as friends on his Facebook page prior to being outed.  Breitling has found a clever way of making money off of the Iraqi dinar.  He presents himself as some kind of investment professional and gets people to email him questions that he is happy to answer in his YouTube videos.  These email addresses no doubt go right into his marketing strategy where he can sell people any number of investment products ranging from the ISX Report (which uses his company's name Select Play Media on the PayPal page when you order it), the lower denom insurance plan (set up with his buddy Roger Dorman and his dinar dealer wife Angela), or REIC (a MLM real estate investment scheme).  I figure it's just a matter of time until Tony will have a book or DVD to sell people.  He's probably just waiting for his ghost writer to put it together. 

Tony has been in the dinar investment for years, and has a reputation for making outrageous claims like having associates sitting in on the RV negotiations or contacts at the UN, US senate, and the IMF.  He stated in 2010 that the Vietnamese dong was set to RV but of course it has only depreciated since then.  In December of that year he said that it was on the table for the dinar to RV by the end of the year.  He  has called the RV of the Iraqi dinar a 100% sure thing, a lock, and a winning lottery ticket.  He's also known for his amusing mispronunciation of words like libelous (liabus), incentive (incenitive), recognize (recunize), Ernst & Young (Ernest & Young), Arab (ā´- rab), and oriented (orientated).  In addition his statement of facts surrounding the IQD are notoriously inaccurate, a classic example being his rendition of the redenomination of the Turkish lira in 2005 where he stated that they removed three zeros (it was six), they didn't get rid of any notes (they got rid of all of them), inflation was at 50% (it was around 8%), and they had no GDP growth (it was over 8% that year).  All of these things are addressed in my Dinar Douchebag blog under the posts "Breitling Busted" and "The Breitling Catalog". 

I post about Tony from time to time but I noticed that some of my readers were not interested in anything he has to say so I thought I would start a separate blog dedicated to keeping an eye on the Tonester.  Since he usually does several videos a week I should have plenty of material to work with.

I've noticed that whenever somebody makes a comment about the dinar investment that causes some concern among the faithful Tony feels compelled to respond. (Most of the gurus are that way, because if people give up on the dinar the gurus might have to go get a real job. I'm waiting for the day that one of them says "You know, I never thought about that. That guy has a point. Maybe we should give this a bit more thought." Yeah, right. Don't hold your breath. These guys aren't interested in facts and truth. They're watching the bottom line and anything that threatens that must be addressed quickly and forcefully. But I digress.) But unlike the others, Tony also feels the need to respond to criticism of his commentary. With that in mind this might get heated from time to time, but I'm ready for that. (UPDATE!!!  Wow, was that prophetic or what?  B rebutted a couple of my posts on July 25.  Told ya!) People have to know who and what they're dealing with and with my background I feel that I'm as qualified as anybody to help them. 

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  1. Who are YOU??? I noticed you never introduced yourself.

    1. I am the worst nightmare of every dinar scammer out there. That's who I am!